Woodland Bible Camp Update

JeffAdamsThis year is Woodland Bible Camp’s 59th year.  Since 1954, God has used WBC to introduce Christ to children and encourage them in their walk.  Of course, WBC is not JUST for children.  Even the most senior of citizens can become young at heart and enjoy the blessings of camp life.

As a WBC board member, one of the campers emailed me a question just the other day.  She wanted to know if I could sum up the work of WBC in one verse.  I looked at my wife and we both thought of the same verse.  “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart far from it.”  Can we guarantee every child that has ever attended WBC has always remained faithful to the Lord?  Unfortunately not.  Can we guarantee that every child who has ever attended WBC has been exposed to the Word of God?  Absolutely!  It is that living Word of God that we confidently instill with the expectation that He will bring about amazing results for His kingdom.

If your church would like to hear more about what WBC is doing, how it can bless your church, and what plans are in store for this year and beyond, please contact me!  My email  address is   jeffreywadams58@gmail.com.  My cell phone number is (812) 987-6006.  I’ve been blessed to speak on behalf of WBC for the last 3 years.  I can share a multimedia presentation complete with videos or present a traditional sermon with just a short blurb about WBC.  There is absolutely no fee expected, nor accepted, for the joy of sharing what He is doing through this special work.

The camp website is Woodlandbiblecamp.org.

Yes, WBC has embarked upon it’s 59th year and, should the Lord tarry, is rapidly approaching number 60.  Come, be a part of what God is doing!


2 thoughts on “Woodland Bible Camp Update

  1. not only does WBC encourage children, it encourages adults, as they interact with children sharing God’s word, as they interact with each other while working at camp! God’s grace shines brightly at WBC – something everyone should be a part of!

  2. Thanks, Larry Bryant, for the comment and of the words of encouragement about Woodland.

    IN Christ, Larry Miles, WebServant

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