Great Homecoming Service Yesterday (10-11-09)

God is GREAT!  We  had a  wonderful Homecoming  Service yesterday at Cherry Street Church of Christ in New Albany,, IN.  Bro. Bennie Hill, preacher  at Cramer & Hanover Church in Lexington, KY was our   guest  speaker.  Bro. Bennie  grew up in this  congregation.  He spoke  on the   topic “What The Chruch Has Done  For Me.” 

His  points were:

  1. The Church provided  a way for him to hear  about  Jesus.
  2. The  Church taught  and preached the  Whole Counsel of God.
  3. The  Church  provided a way for him to  repsond to the Gospel.
  4. The  Church   provided a way for  him to grow in the  grace and  knowledge of Jesus.
  5. The Church instilled in him the Hope of the   2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus.

We had  78 in Sunday School; and  137 in Morning Worship.  There were  many   guests in attendance, most having some ties to Cherry Street.  Also,  there were   guests  from AL and TN who were  passing through the area.   We had a   wonderful time of  food and  fellowship  afterwards; perhaps a  fortaste of  eternity.

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