One thought on “For His Glory

  1. Hi Nick, I have some good friends that got me started going to Belmont Church of Christ back in the day. LOL Way back. Some of your family. Gary and Debbie Chamberlain, loved em dearly. They left and I’m still there. You have a cousin that we all treasure. Thank God for Sam and his dear family. I remember you as a young fellow. I wonder every day what are we going to do if something should happen to Belmont. We are all quite old and our building is falling down. I pray God can restore us in some way. It seams like no one is interested in a Godly church that doesn’t have music. To me it’s the greatest blessing. Come visit us sometime. If I know when you and your family could come see us I would cook you something to eat. Oh well that’s not important as a preacher you always have good food. LOL Sam missed his meal yesterday that he was promised because I canceled on him. To much going on. We have another church meeting with us now so we have to be out by 1:00 and how can Sam eat in 30 mins. and enjoy his food. LOL. We love to kid him over his food but there is nothing we love more than feeding the preacher. Wayne was sick yesterday too. He’s got a bad cold. I wanted Monica to come to. Maybe we can have another day.

    Great writing Thank you. Preacher sent it to me.

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