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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Food for thought”…the general title of this BlogSpot came to be, if I’m being honest, without a lot of conscious direction. However, as I write this identically titled blog, I realize that my subconscious was feverishly at work indicating 2 things.  First, I love food.  Second, food is at the basis of our existence, although it can come to mean so much more than simple nourishment of the body.

From the beginning, we see that even Eden in its perfection still had rules, and they revolved around food.  In reality I suppose, the seeming perfection of the Garden was marred by just one tree that was haunted by a wily serpent.  God even then was fighting a desperate battle for us, the victory hinging on a decision about what to eat.  In the end our predecessors paid the ultimate price for their decision.


In Eden, a decision made about food led to the end of that unique fellowship with God.  It is an important reminder that certain decisions we make today can separate us from God, which can include what we put into our bodies (including food), and things that we may see, hear or do.  The great thing is that today, food more often than not promotes fellowship.   Whether its family or church dinners, school lunches or lunch dates with friends, it feels good to eat with those you care about.  The desire to belong, to be included, and to be wanted or needed are perhaps some of the most universal feelings that we experience.


The subject of food comes up several other places in scripture, and it’s not just about how they fed themselves.  The Israelites learned faith, trust and obedience to God as he provided manna and quail in the desert.  Jesus referred to himself as that same bread in John 6: “I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and we who believes in me will never be thirsty.”  Jesus, with his disciples, ate the Last Supper.  An intimate meal with his closest friends he had on earth, and it had to have heartbroken him to tell them that there was a traitor among them.


Recently it’s been a real blessing for my family and I to be able to serve a meal to the youth group on Wed. nights.  I’ll admit, my eagerness to serve wasn’t entirely unselfish.  In my home and I daresay in many homes across the country, there goes up a general grumble from my children at supper if the menu doesn’t include pizza, spaghetti, or chili.  It’s a big downer.  Cherry Street’s youth group is a bunch that usually are easily satisfied.  They are grateful, and they tell me so.  I’m thankful for them and for the friends they are bringing.  As you gather to share food with your family and friends this month, be active in your gratitude toward God for what He’s given you.  And always be on the lookout for what He might be teaching you, and for ways you can give back to Him.




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  1. What a blessing you are! You’re service is certainly one of the reasons why so many youth have been coming.

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