Photos from Homecoming Service (10-11-09)

Bro. Stan Means  took some  photos at the   Homecoming.  we  will be  uploading them to the  web site soon.  He  has “blurred” the photos that  show children, due to  safety  issues. 

We have a  “Member Section” on the web site where  we can  post the  other photos, as well as  mayerial we would only  want our  memebrs to be  able to access.  When  we   decide to  do this,  a  password will be  given to our memebrs on request to Bro.  Larry.

Great Homecoming Service Yesterday (10-11-09)

God is GREAT!  We  had a  wonderful Homecoming  Service yesterday at Cherry Street Church of Christ in New Albany,, IN.  Bro. Bennie Hill, preacher  at Cramer & Hanover Church in Lexington, KY was our   guest  speaker.  Bro. Bennie  grew up in this  congregation.  He spoke  on the   topic “What The Chruch Has Done  For Me.”  Continue reading

Youth Activities for September & October 2009

Date Event
Sunday 9/13 Lanesville Heritage Festival-after morning worship
Saturday 9/19 Choices for Women Resource Center annual walk @ 10AM
Sunday 9/27 Youth activities and worship-4:30pm @ church
Friday 10/9 Youth activities, TBA
Friday 10/16 Youth activities, TBA
Sunday 10/25 Youth activities and worship-4:30pm @ church
Friday 10/31 Youth activities, TBA