Bible Reading Plan for 2010

It was  suggested to me this  morning by Bro. John Miller  that  starting this Friday, January 1, 2010  that  I start sending  our via e-mail a  Bible  Reading Schedule.  I would like to  have a  plan where by reading a portion of Scripure each day from  both  the Old and New Testament  that  one   will read the Bible  through in  1  year’s  time. 

I have  not  decided  whether to send out the reading each day or  send out an  e-mail once a  week with the  reading.  Also, not sure whether  to include the  text of the  reading  in the  e-mail or just have a link to an on-line  Bible.  The latter may be a  good  option because  there are  some  that have the  audio along  with the text.  

Either  way I will put the week’s  reading in the    weekly  bulletin.  Since we are  starting  on a   Friday (Jan. 1) there will be  2  days of reading before    the  schedule  appears in the  “Messenger.”

 II Timothy 3:16-18  tell us the  importance of the Word of God in the  life of the  Christian and tell us  that  God’s Word is  inspired. So, let’s  commit  ourselves  to read and study God’s Word on a   regular  basis.

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